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New Patient Acupuncture Adult:            $140 (90-120 min consult + treatment)

Established Acupuncture Patient:          $95 (60-75 min)

New Patient Herbal Consultation:         $40 (30 min) + cost of herbs

Established Herbal Consultation:           $30 (30min) + cost of herbs

Established Student:                                   $65 (50 min)

New Child Appointment:                           $85 (60 min) (Infant to Age 12) 

Full Body Massage:                                      $90 (60 min) / $130 (90 min)

Prices range in cost depending on additional modalities used such as moxibustion, cupping, or manual therapy.


For payment at time of service by PayPal, Venmo, cash, or credit card. Thank you!


Note: Mobile service is available upon request, and may require additional fees for travel. 


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